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Corporations vs. LLCs in Estate Planning

In March, I wrote a post about estate planning for small-business owners. That post discussed the different ways that you, as a small-business owner, might choose to dispose of your small business after your death. Whether you want the business to pass to your children, to go to [...]

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California Estate Planning for Digital Assets

What happens to your Facebook account when you die? What about any money you left in your iTunes account? Or the pictures and other files you stored in Dropbox? How about your extensive collection of virtual hats in the popular online video game Team Fortress 2? (Yes, really!) [...]

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What Is A Limited Conservatorship?

Hi there, Bridget Mackay here. I'm an attorney in Petaluma, and I practice in the area of estate planning and elder law. I want to talk about conservatorships today. A conservatorship basically is when a person needs to take over the financial and health decision making of another [...]

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The Estate Tax & Family Farms

There’s been a lot of chatter in the news lately about the potential for the federal estate tax to be repealed. One argument often made in favor of repealing the estate tax is that it will protect small family farms from being sold to pay off an estate-tax [...]

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Changes to Medi-Cal Estate Recovery in 2017

I’ve written about Medi-Cal estate recovery in the past, but today I’m going to talk about some big changes that became effective earlier this year. For Medi-Cal beneficiaries who die on or after January 1, 2017, the Medi-Cal estate-recovery rules have changed. Some of these changes only impact [...]

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What Do Adopted Children, Foster Children, and Stepchildren Inherit?

Last November, I wrote a post about what happens when someone dies without a will (or any other kind of estate plan) in California. In short, that person’s property will be distributed according to the rules of intestate succession. Those rules are found in the California Probate Code [...]

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Death & Income Taxes

Everyone knows the old saying that nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes. In this post, I’m going to combine both of those happy topics and discuss some of the special income-tax rules that apply when a person dies. 1. Life insurance and inherited property [...]

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Medi-Cal White Paper

10 Things To Know Before Placing A Loved One In A Nursing Home.


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