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What We Can Learn from Buzz Aldrin’s Guardianship Fight

On July 20, 1969, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the second human in history to walk on the moon. These days, at the ripe old age of 88, Buzz is dealing with issues that are much more down to earth: The loss of control that comes through the appointment [...]

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Who Regulates Medi-Cal Nursing Homes in California?

In June, I wrote a post on a recent report issued by the California State Auditor that found significant problems with California’s nursing homes and nursing-home regulators. One problem was that the three agencies charged with regulating nursing homes in California weren’t coordinating their efforts, causing inefficiencies in [...]

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The Role of Gifts in Estate Planning

Estate planning lawyers have a broad range of tools available to help individuals plan their legacies. Many of those tools (like most estate planning documents) are revocable—they can be changed at any time. But some of those tools require irrevocable actions, and this post is about one such [...]

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Is the End of Life Option Act Unconstitutional?

Two years ago, I published a series of videos discussing the then-new End of Life Option Act (ELOA) in California. (See below for links.) Since then, the ELOA seems to have faded from media coverage, but something happened recently that brought it back into the limelight: It was [...]

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Estate Planning Basics: What’s a Fiduciary?

Fiduciaries are everywhere in estate planning. If that’s your first time running across the word “fiduciary,” you’re not alone. It’s not one that we often hear in everyday conversations. But it is one that you should at least have a basic familiarity with when engaged in estate planning. [...]

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Tales of Caution: Don’t Try This at Home!

In May, the New York Post reported on an unfortunate fight over a New York City man’s multimillion-dollar estate. The story highlights an important point that I often try to emphasize on this blog: Estate planning is a complicated process, and it’s easy to get it wrong without [...]

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State Audit Finds Substandard Quality of Care in California Nursing Homes

Once you’ve chosen the nursing home that’s right for you and successfully applied for long-term Medi-Cal, you should be able to expect that your nursing home will make your safety and well-being its number one priority and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, that’s not always [...]

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Medi-Cal White Paper

10 Things To Know Before Placing A Loved One In A Nursing Home.


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