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Estate Planning for Business Entities: What About Limited Partnerships?

Last August, I wrote a short blog post exploring the differences between corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) for California estate planning purposes. These days, most business owners who choose to establish a legal entity for their business will choose between those two types of entities. However, when [...]

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Estate Planning Basics: What’s the Difference Between . . . ?

Estate planning involves a subset of property law, a notoriously arcane body of law that, in many ways, hasn’t changed for generations. As such, estate planners must be familiar with ancient concepts like escheatment (when a person’s property goes to the government because no heirs can be found), [...]

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California Will Contests: What You Should Know

In January, I published a video with the title “What Is A No Contest Clause?” In it, I explained that a no-contest clause is a tool that can help prevent a person from challenging your Will or trust. Today I want to expand on that video by looking [...]

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Traditional vs. Roth IRAs Under the New 2018 Tax Law

When Congress amends the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), as it did with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last December, it does more than just change the text of current law. Because tax law is so complex, and because so much of the financial world is responsive to [...]

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Plan B: What Happens if You Don’t Plan Ahead?

As an estate planning attorney, it should come as no surprise that I often encourage people to plan ahead for retirement, death, and creating a lasting legacy. After all, I earn my living by helping people do just that! But there’s also more to it than that. Planning [...]

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Benefitting from Life Insurance While You’re Still Alive

Who is life insurance for? That is, who does it benefit? When asked that question, most people will likely say that it benefits your loved ones after you die. After all, the policy only pays out when you die, and you won’t have much use for those funds [...]

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Long-Term Medi-Cal: Where Do You Start?

Medi-Cal is a joint medical-welfare program of California and the federal government. Long-term Medi-Cal is California’s version of long-term Medicaid, which helps needy individuals pay for care in a skilled nursing facility (i.e., a nursing home). Understandably but unfortunately, long-term Medi-Cal is a complicated program, and the state [...]

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Medi-Cal White Paper

10 Things To Know Before Placing A Loved One In A Nursing Home.


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