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Long-Term Medi-Cal: Spend Down and Its Alternatives

One of the most common questions that Californians have about qualifying themselves or a loved one for long-term Medi-Cal is whether they will have to lose all of their property to be eligible. After all, long-term Medi-Cal has asset limits that a person must satisfy to qualify for [...]

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California’s Statutory Will: Uses and Limitations

If you were to thumb through the California Probate Code in your downtime—doesn’t everyone do this?—you would eventually come across section 6240, in which the California Legislature has created a Will form that Californians can use to dispose of their property at death. At first, you might think [...]

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More on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What it Means for Small Business Owners

In December, Congress and the president enacted the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to overhaul the federal tax system. I recently wrote about one aspect of the Act in a post describing how it has changed the gift and estate taxes for the next 7 years. Of course, [...]

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Sveen v. Melin: A U.S. Supreme Court Case to Watch

It isn’t often that the U.S. Supreme Court decides a case that impacts estate planners. The laws governing trusts and estates are almost exclusively state laws, meaning that the Supreme Court rarely has a reason to get involved. But in early December, the Court agreed to hear the [...]

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Planning For Long-Term Medi-Cal Requires A Long-Term View

If you look for information on long-term Medi-Cal online, you’ll find many posts—including some of my own—that focus on the initial eligibility determination. That makes sense, because it’s a complex topic on its own and is what most people want to know about. But planning for long-term Medi-Cal [...]

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In the News: The Duke of Windsor’s Will and Maintaining Privacy

Californians are wary of the state’s probate process for many reasons. The process is lengthy, expensive, and requires going to court, which most people generally would rather avoid. Yet another reason for many residents’ reluctance to rely on probate is the public nature of probate proceedings. Many people [...]

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Estate Planning for Business Owners: Key Elements of Buy-Sell Agreements

In my March post about estate planning for small business owners, I mentioned that one way owners can plan for their business after death is by selling it to an existing business partner. Often, such sales are completed by using a buy-sell agreement. To delve a little bit [...]

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Medi-Cal White Paper

10 Things To Know Before Placing A Loved One In A Nursing Home.


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