Importance Of Establishing Guardianships For Young Children

Hi there. My name is Bridget Mackay, I’m an Attorney in Petaluma. I do estate planning and elder law. And today I want to talk about, “Establishing guardianships for young children”. You don’t want to think about this event. None of us do, who are parents. But maybe you or your spouse are on a trip on your own, without the kids, and the worst happens. You die!

What happens to your children? If you’re haven’t prepared for this catastrophe, they will get scooped up by Child Protective Services and a court process will start, called the ‘gaurdianship’ and it’s a system put in place, when people have not planned to determine what is the best placement for the children and they may or may not be vetted in a facility, that Child Protective Services has, or a foster family, until that appropriate placement is determined, which is a court process which at a minimum is typically six months, maximum, years.

Don’t leave your children in the hands of Child Protective Services or your County Welfare Department. If you create a simple will, you can name an individual or individuals that can physically care for your children, if something happened to you. They will be placed with these folks, generally right away and they will stay with them, until they can complete the formal process of taking over their care. Even though this is a tough subject for parents, I totally get it as a parent myself, you do need to deal with it, so that your children are cared for and stay out of the welfare system. Contact an experienced Estate Planing Attorney, and make sure you’ve got your kids covered.