The broadcasting legend Larry King passed away on January 23rd of this year. Unfortunately, instead of honoring Larry King’s legendary career, the headlines have quickly shifted to focus on his estate.

So why is there so much chaos surrounding Larry King’s Estate? King reportedly created a handwritten will, also known as a holographic will which is legal in California. A formal will on the other hand is a document that is typically typewritten, often drafted by an attorney and it is signed in front of two disinterested witnesses. While handwriting a will is considered legal, the document can be deemed invalid if there is evidence of undue influence.

Larry King’s situation was complicated, he had recently filed for divorce when he hand wrote his will. He had been previously divorced multiple times and he had children that he wanted to protect. While his intentions of taking care of his family were there, his estate would be much better off if he had sought the help of a professional to help him put together his estate plan. King’s story is a cautionary tale, while he will always be remembered as a legendary broadcaster his family may be dealing with the fallout of his poorly executed estate plan for a while.


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