What is a “Note from Worker”?

After hassles and headaches, you thought you finally did it. You turned in your completed Medi-Cal application and are ready to hear if you or your loved one qualified for Medi-Cal. You check the mail each day for a response because long term care is going to be needed soon and your family needs Medi-Cal to help cover the cost. The mail finally brings a letter from Medi-Cal, but not the one you were expecting. Instead of a letter of acceptance or disqualification, it is a note from a Medi-Cal worker asking you for additional information.

Not only is this unexpected, but the various pieces of information they are asking for may be difficult to obtain. You may also be questioning why they are requesting certain information. Furthermore, you may not wish to provide them with the information if you believe it does not pertain to the application or should not be considered when evaluating the application.  Also, the notice explicitly states that if the information is not sent to the office by the due date the entire application will be denied and you will have to begin the process again.

It is important to note that even after you think you have successfully applied for Medi-Cal on your own, complications can arise. There are many pitfalls you can encounter even after the application for you or your loved one is turned in. Requests for more information that are not responded to in a timely manner, regardless of how difficult obtaining said information may be, can lead to entire applications being denied.

So what can you do? The main piece of advice I have about Medi-Cal is not to attempt application for Long Term Medi-Cal benefits on your own. One should only apply for Medi-Cal under the guidance of an attorney. This will lead to less of a chance that a note from a Medi-Cal worker arrives on your door as attorneys well versed in Medi-Cal are used to providing the type of information required and are familiar with the intricate federal and state laws Medi-Cal involves. Also, if you do get a note from a Medi-Cal worker, you will have someone in your corner with your best interests at heart to guide you in how to respond.

Don’t get your application denied or risk disqualification from Medi-Cal benefits. Call our office today for a free consultation on how we can handle your Medi-Cal application.