Who Can Be a Trustee? Choose More Than One?

Hi there, Bridget Mackay. I’m an estate planning attorney in Petaluma practicing in the area of estate planning and elder law. This video blog series addresses some lessons we can learn from the Game of Thrones.

I last talked about the Stark family, who for me is my favorite house in the series. And a good lesson, another of many good lessons we can learn from the Starks, is to, if you have an estate planner or you’ve made a trust or you’re about to create a trust with your attorney. Pick more than one trustee.

If we look at the Starks where both at Eddard and Catelyn passed away and then we saw at the Red Wedding that their oldest son Rob also unfortunately met an untimely death. You might want to have you know more than just Rob as an option for your trustees. If they had a trust and Rob was their only choice as successor trustee, their trust would fail.

Consider, or they should have considered maybe putting Sansa on as a successor to Robert Stark. And after Sansa, perhaps Arya or Bran. Now I understand that they were all minors at the time, but the lesson is still applicable to all of us that if you’re choosing executors or trustees don’t just choose one successor. Have alternate plans.