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If you can relate to any WILLS, TRUST and Estate Planning questions, this is what you can expect when working with me.

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You can board a plane any time of the day and know that your affairs are in order.

If you have elderly parents, you will be confident their affairs are being managed. As a member of a domestic partnership, you will have no questions as to what your partner will inherit. You can insure that the government will not take up to fifty percent of your children’s inheritance.

Clients who really want to make sure their assets are distributed fairly and smoothly upon their passing are likely to be successful working with me because I work to ensure that any documents we draw up are fair and communicate their wishes clearly.

I help adult children who are ready to step in and make sure their parents are well cared for and safe.

Our clients can allow their parents to maintain their dignity, while helping them with their financial and medical affairs.

When you find yourself the trustee or executor of a loved one’s estate, the laws and responsibilities can be overwhelming—it doesn’t have to be.

You will need an attorney to distribute any assets that are in a Will. In a court process called Probate, all of your loved one’s assets have to be reviewed and distributions approved by a judge. I can guide you through this often lengthy and complicated process and you’ll never have to set foot into a courtroom. If you are a designated successor trustee of a trust, there are still legal rules you must follow while gathering and distributing assets. I’ll educate you on your rights and responsibilities and assist you with the required legal paperwork so that everything is distributed according to your loved one’s wishes.

I navigate the complicated laws for transferring wealth to your registered domestic partner or spouse.

The differences between state and federal laws when it comes to registered domestic partners and same sex couples can be overwhelming. I clear away the confusion and provide my clients with options in their estate planning.

If you are an heir or beneficiary of a loved one’s estate, you have a right to know how the administration of that estate is progressing.

If you have concerns about how an executor or successor trustee is handling the estate, you can demand an accounting before the assets are distributed. If your voice is not being heard, don’t be discouraged, there are respectful ways to assert your rights without a protracted legal battle.

Those who have tax burdens that could tie up and cripple an estate will be relieved to find that there are ways to avoid paying the government large sums of money upon their deaths.

Through many estate planning tools, this wealth can be transferred to loved ones or charities that you choose, not the government.

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