Can I Qualify For Long Term Medi-Cal If I Have Too Many Assets?

Hi there, Bridget Mackay here. I’m an attorney in Petaluma, California and I practice in the area of estate planning and elder Law. And in this next series of video blogs, I’m going to address frequently asked questions about Medi-Cal. That first question is… And you can also find these answered on my website at

The first question is, “Can I qualify if I have too many assets? Can I qualify for Medi-Cal, Long Term Medi-Cal if I have too many assets?” If you might remember from other blogs, if you are a couple and one spouse is going into skilled nursing, the asset requirement for Long Term Medi-Cal is a $119,200 in assets. If you’re a single person having to go into a skilled nursing facility and seeking Long Term Medi-Cal, you could only have $2000 in assets.

“Can I qualify for these levels of assets or if I have more than these levels of assets for Long Term Medi-Cal?” is the question. The short answer is yes. But, big but here, the process of getting an estate that is over the asset limit down to the eligibility amounts requires planning and guidance from an experienced attorney. There are many mistakes that people can make in trying to get their assets down that will cause a loss of benefits for a significant time or alienation of assets into the wrong hands without any help for paying for skilled nursing care. If you are seeking Medi-Cal, stay tuned. I have more frequently asked questions and always, always consult an experienced attorney in this area.