We’d like to invite you to join us at an upcoming Legacy Wealth Planning presentation. In this 90-minute seminar, you’ll find out what a “bare-bones” estate plan is and how dangerous it can be for your family.

We’ll highlight some of the most common risks you’ll want to consider and show you how to protect yourself and your family. The most common remark we hear after these seminars is that most people are amazed at how exposed their family was. Some people might even be a little angry their planner didn’t advise them of many of these issues.

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    The good news is that it’s not too late to fix the problem and get the real peace of mind you deserve. This is purely an educational presentation… you will NOT be sold anything at the seminar. Of course we do expect some people will find their current estate plans DO NOT protect their family and we will offer a free, no obligation personal consultation if you discover a need to make a change in your estate plans.

    At our seminar, you’ll find that you will be treated with courtesy, patience, and understanding. Every person on our staff is dedicated to helping you gain the education you need to pass your entire legacy on to your family.

    You’ll Leave the Seminar Knowing

    • Why most Living Trusts don’t work, where the areas of concern and greatest risk are, and how you can correct the problems.
    • How traditional estate planning has failed to protect most American families and why you weren’t told about this previously.
    • How to protect against a living probate if you become disabled and are unable to manage your affairs.
    • You’ll discover why, if you refinanced your home in the past several years, your biggest asset may be at the greatest risk.
    • How to preserve your estate for your kids if your surviving spouse gets remarried.
    • Divorce! It’s running rampant across America. You’ll learn how to protect your children’s inheritance in case of a divorce… up to 50% may walk out the door with the ex in-law.
    • Why almost every estate plan bungles the distribution of retirement assets to your heirs… creating thousands of dollars of unnecessary income taxes.
    • The one essential ingredient in every good estate plan (it may surprise you). Chances are, it was left out of your plans.
    • Why “bare-bones” documents almost never work and how to see if you’ve got one. And if our experience is an indicator, you bought a “one size fits all” estate plan.
    • …and much more.

    Get A Second Legal Opinion For Free

    Protecting your assets for your future and generations to come is a serious issue. Clearly, this is not a “snap decision” and even going to a regular lawyer is no guarantee your estate plan was done correctly. And sadly, many of the Wills and Trusts we examine have serious problems and do not protect your family.

    It would truly be a tragedy if you’re sitting there with a defective plan and you don’t do anything to fix it. Our mission is to make sure you have the information you need to make wise decisions. You have a chance for a second opinion at no charge from Sonoma County’s premier estate planning law firm.

    Over the years, the risks associated in doing nothing, facing the possibility of ill health, in money lost to creditors and potential bankruptcies should be motivating causes for you to want to take action and learn more.

    More importantly, only you can decide just how valuable the peace of mind of knowing your estate plan covers all possibilities and problems is worth to you.

    Therefore, for you to make an educated decision, you must learn more. I suggest you make your decisions AFTER you attend a FREE Legacy Wealth Planning Seminar when you have all the facts. Then you’ll know what to do.

    What happens next?

    You simply pick up the phone and call to reserve spaces for you and your spouse to attend a FREE Legacy Wealth Planning Seminar presented by BRIDGET MACKAY or Miranda Dressler, both are members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. After the seminar all attendees are offered a FREE one hour initial consultation so that we can give your questions and unique situation our fullest attention. Seating for these free seminars is limited. If you delay in calling, those places may be taken, and you may be offered a place on our waiting list for a future seminar. The first step is to register to attend your FREE seminar by calling (707) 769-9975.

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